Momentum Sistemas de Informação relies on a specialized and accredited team to design, market and implement DataCenters and convergent, robust and long-lasting Infrastructures, which enable the Client to improve its efficiency. The aim is to reduce the operation and maintenance costs of the infrastructures, promoting the improvement of their operationality, monitoring and agility in the access to the cloud.

This offer includes:

Servers: Rack Servers; Tower Servers and Blade Servers
Storage: All data storage scalable solutions, suitable for your business and budget, so as to follow the growth of your company, which are quick, flexible, efficient and integrated for each application.

We develop and implement all solutions in the field of LAN, WAN and Wireless structured networks, as well as the implementation of integrated safety solutions.

We market and implement the entire range of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) "Enterprise & IT Management Software", which enables our clients to manage, monitor and optimize all their IT and software assets. Moreover, we establish partnerships in order to offer our clients IT Management consultancy, providing innovative solutions in compliance with best practices, such as ITIL e a ISO 20000.

Aware that the employees of our clients’ companies need regular training to cope with the fast-changing technology, Momentum SI set up various partnerships to provide customised training in several fields of computers and information technology, including Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) certified training.

We offer an entire range of training courses for members of the administration, Directors and IT Technicians.

Our portfolio includes HPE certified training courses in servers, storage systems, networks and IT Management, in compliance with the best ITIL practices, as well as solutions of VMware, Linux e Microsoft partners

Invest in training to provide your employees with the skills they need, reducing, at the same time, unnecessary risks and costs.

We market, provide and manage Extended Guarantee and Support Contracts of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and other partners.